A beautiful review of “PASSING TRAINS” in ROOTSTIME Magazine. Warning: It’s in Dutch:) But here are some highlights of the gist of it in English.

“I do not know how familiar Annie Moscow is with you, readers, but for me she was, until a few weeks ago a completely blank slate. “PASSING TRAINS, Annie’s 5th release, won’t allow her to fly under the radar anymore – with a exceptional release by a strong, experienced and honest woman.

After 26 years of marriage, when Annie’s husband realized his identity was in fact female, what did Annie do? She struggled and then went about creating art, revealing more about herself in these songs, while finding her voice in this compelling release.

PASSING TRAINS will touch you deeply, thanks to the production of the late John Jennings, the producer and bandmate for Mary Chapin Carpenter and countless others, this record perhaps being one of his last released

A penetrating and honest record, Annie artfully turned her feelings and experiences on PASSING TRAINS into healing, yet beautiful songs, with themes that
we all sometimes struggle with.”  Review by Dani Heyvaert