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The CDs have arrived!!!!


And they came out beautiful!  We’re not going to “officially” release it for a few weeks, till we’ve gotten all the digital end together and are up on iTunes, etc.  But if you have a voucher for a free one coming and you want it now:), just drop me a line with voucher number and your address and I’ll get one right out to you.

Album Update 5-29-11


Is at the manufacturer's now & we're anxiously awaiting completion & shipment in about 2 weeks.



We're waiting on a mastering date - should be in the next 2-3 weeks.  Then another 2-3 weeks after that to allow for manufacturing. 

Last song is up in the Mix!


and it's sounding fantastic.  I'm getting very excited.  I'm about to leave for California, but will be back the end of this month and then finishing this CD up!

1 more song to go!


New album is still in mixing stages, but as of today, only one more song to go!  So in a few weeks, we should be heading into mastering, and then manufacturing!  I'll keep you posted.



I’m very excited to announce the upcoming release of my new CD, “PHOENIX,” and upcoming concert on Saturday, February 5, 7:00 p.m. at the KERR CULTURAL CENTER in Scottsdale, where me & Rachael Gold (my producer/collaborator) will be performing the entire new CD, for the first time, as well as some of my more popular previously recorded songs.


The 12-song CD is currently in the mixing stages.  We’re not sure how close to done it will be by February 5th, but it will certainly be almost done, and we’ll have some giveaways and take homes for everybody.


Attached is a little snippet/preview for you, of one of the new songs, “I Think I Understand You Now”




Tickets are available at the Kerr Center box office:

or through Ticketmaster.  Tickets are $20.00, but if you use the promo code: annmos, you’ll save $5.00 a ticket.


I hope you can make it.  It’s my best work yet, and it’s going to be a great show.

Now Booking for 2010/2011


I'm currently booking for 2010/2011.  If you'd like me to play in your town or interested in hosting a house concert, please drop me a line at

New Live CD!!!!


I just got a brand new, live CD up on my site, "Live and Alive", that Rachael Gold and I recorded, in my diningroom. 

Some purists have since pointed out that it's "not exactly live" - because we didn't record in front of a live audience. And we also gave ourselves the luxury of playing each song several times, and then selecting the best takes.  But our goal with this project was to have a CD of exactly what we sound like - if we walk onto your stage - without any overdubs or production magic - and, mission accomplished!  

"Live and Alive" is an eclectic collection of songs that I've written over the past ten years and for whatever reason, hadn't yet recorded.  There's also one song that Rachael and I wrote together a long time ago, called "Land of Dreams", (and for some reason, had never recorded!), as well as my favorite traditional folk song, "The Water is Wide."   Hope you enjoy it!

May 16th - an amazing day!


I had an amazing day today. This afternoon I performed at "The Awakening Conference" in Phoenix, opening for Don Miguel Ruiz ("The Four Agreements") who is one of my favorite authors. What an amazing, amazing man and speaker. The highlight of my day was the hug he gave me. 

Live Podcast in Santa Cruz


When I was in Santa Cruz in March, I did a live podcast with Michael Gaither for "Songs and Stories." You can check it out at

First California Tour!

I just returned from my first California tour. It was Fantastic! Highlights were playing at Don Quixote's in Santa Cruz and The Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena (near L.A.) & staying with wonderful people and new friends. I only wish I'd taken more pictures. Check out the few I did take in photo section.

Folk Alliance/Far West

Just got back from Folk Alliance/Far West. It was FANTASTIC!!! I met so many great people & made some great contacts that are helping me fill in my first California tour coming up in February 2009. Someone was shooting a video and I've put two songs she recorded up on my site under "videos". The quality is a little rough, but it was so much fun and the energy in the room was incredible! Listen for the entire room singing along with the Cyndi Lauper song, "Time after Time." EVERYBODY knew the words!

Photoshoot with Christiaan Blok

I had a photoshoot last week with photographer, Christiaan Blok, who does amazing work with light. The pictures are beautiful and unusual. I put my favorite up on my home page.

btw, I got my hair trimmed today, and as I was looking through the hairstyle magazines, all the girls had hair in their faces covering their eyes - so I was right in style!

Philosophical Musings

Just completed a two-week run at the Herberger of my first one-woman show: "The Philosophical Musings of a Suburban Dwelling Free Spirit Ex-Hippie Wannabe with Longings for Connection and Security." Went fantastic! Check video & photo pages for highlights.

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